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"Thinking from the End to Live a Grateful Life Today"
One of the most powerful incentives in living mindfully is the active contemplation of our own death. Allow Julie Bowes, spiritual facilitator, holistic coach and hospice volunteer to guide you through the steps to enhance the human experience with clarity, purpose, fulfillment and gratitude by delineating life from an estimated end. Worksheet included.

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"Meditation Inebriation: An Alternative to Alcohol Dependence"                                                   
For those contemplating an alcohol-free life, Julie defines and delineates the parallels of bliss between meditation and the buzz. Join her for a one-hour webinar to discuss the benefits and profound joy captured through meditation. As described in one of her most recent blogs Melba Toast Alcoholic if you are questioning your relationship to alcohol this is presentation is a must. Worksheet included.

"Where is Your JewelTree?: Reclaiming Your Entitled State of Well-Being"
Learn the benefits of shedding the Ego-driven life to reclaim your heart-centered self, free of judgement and the insatiable, status seeking, extrinsically driven impulses. Observe how the shift of intention empowers love into your life and the lives you touch. By releasing a fear-based consciousness to adopt, instead, the model of self-love and nurturing you heal yourself, your relationships and the world. In this space of harmony and resonance is where your highest human potential; your JewelTree awaits. Worksheet included.
"Chakras in Action: Fine Tuning Your Internal Radar" 9 week web-course

Unleash the power of your internal radar to live a healthier, happier and more vibrant life. Discover what the centuries old wisdom of the Human Consciousness Centers holds for you. Where are you blocked, how can you heal in a way that you never thought possible? The Chakras open vast portals of understanding and innate guidance for those who struggle to make sense of a less than vibrant life course. By unraveling the mystery surrounding your inner guidance system you will reign in and capture the immensity of yourself and beauty that surrounds your every moment.