what is Syncquinox?

Offered on the days of the equinox/solstice, Syncquinox unites modern music, yoga and intuitive movement/dance. It is designed to summon joy, unlock your subtle energy field and allow the human form to sync with spirit and the earth. This activity is intended for adults eager to rediscover their core intentions through energetic restoration. Syncquinox is a powerful excersize in mindful movement designed to bring together like-minded individuals for personal healing through a tribal modality.

next session:june 21, 2013

$20 donation

where:1 cloverleaf farm south, sherman, ct

what to bring: water, yoga mat, LOVE

what not to bring: ego, fear

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*winter solstice sessions are limited to 10 people on a first come first serve basis.
what is core tuning?

Join us for a quick and thorough tune up of your core muscles. Reconnect with your strength and belief in yourself and the power of your human form.

By request, 3 participant minimum

$20 donation

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sacred journey to your core

Take a journey to your sacred core through a meditative movement class designed to transport your mind and strengthen your soul.

This class will immerse your mind from an acorn into a strong oak. Transform yourself into an eagle and fly from the branches of your tree. Soar over the plains and rivers. Paddle your canoe under Rainbow Bridge all the while shifting and shaping your body and mind into a more flexible vehicle to receive the life and dreams to which you are entitled.  

next session:by request,
3 people minimum

$20 donation

where: one cloverleaf farm south, sherman, ct

what to bring: water, yoga mat, heart filled with love

what to leave behind: ego, fear

I would like to attend

move your body and your mind will follow...

Allow your physical form to recapture its strength and power. Join us for one or both of these nourishing and revitalizing classes.

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